Beaver Meeting – October 23

Beaver Meeting – October 23

Monday Oct 23rd the Beavers will be outside at Westboro Elementary School. Meet in the east parking lot. Weather permitting, the entire meeting will be outside so please dress appropriately. Snake will be running a whitetail meeting during the final 15 minutes of the meeting. The Whitetails are the youth leaders of our Beaver Colony. We want to review with them the meetings so far this year and ask them for ideas for November and December meetings.

Reminder: Completed popcorn order forms and money are due by the 24th, so please bring to the meeting.

Monday Oct 30th the Beavers will be having a fun Pirate themed night. They are welcome to come in Pirate costume, Halloween costume or Beaver uniform. Please bring a few boxes if you have them around the house for the Beavers to build Pirate ships.

Reminder: Royal Tyrrell Museum permission forms and money are due by October 30.

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