Beaver Meeting – January 8

Beaver Meeting – January 8

On Monday January 8th we will be meeting in the gym in Westboro Elementary from 6:15pm until 7:30pm. A portion of the meeting will be held outside please make sure appropriate outdoor clothing is worn. Pickup will be outside at the playground. All White Tails attending will be conducting a White Tail Council Meeting as well.

There will be permission forms for Home Depot, Winter Camp and Rockclimbing as well as a handout for the White Tails

Monday January 15th the beavers are in for a treat! They have been invited to Home depot for this meeting. This night’s activities will include a tour of the store and a special craft. The Scouts will be joining us for this event.  Please note the time of this meeting starts at 6:00pm and runs through to 8:00pm.

Monday January 22nd is board game night. The Beavers will bring their favourite board game and take turns playing it. They will be responsible for explaining how their favourite game is played to the others in their groups.

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