Scouts Meeting Information – Monday, February 24, 2020

Scouts Meeting Information – Monday, February 24, 2020

Details for Next Meeting Monday, February 24

Be prepared to Plan/Do/Review:

  • REVIEW – The Patrol’s will participate in a brief review of the Winter Season Cycle by referencing the relevant question with their patrol scouts.

Scouts’ Assessment:

  1. Has our Troop spent enough nights camping?
  2. Did we go outdoors enough?
  3. What is something that I would like to accomplish before Scouts is over?
  4. What was my favourite experience in Scouts this cycle or year?
  5. Is our Patrol working well as a team?
  6. Did we do what we planned?
  7. What activities did we do as a Patrol?
  8. What are some fun things we could do with other Sections?
  9. How have I developed in the SPICES?
  10. Did we use the Canadian Trails Map regularly and try different types of new experiences?
  11. How am I contributing to the Troop?
  12. What leadership abilities am I developing this year?
  13. Does our Troop Leadership Team meet regularly and make decisions for the Troop?
  14. What three things have I done that were new from last year?
  15. Do I plan to return to Scouts next year? Do Trailblazers plan to join Venturers?


  • PLAN – The Troop Leader with  co-ordinate the upcoming activities/event for the Spring Season Cycle

Announcements for Upcoming Activities/Events:

  • SUNDAY, March 1 – Scout Trucks (Wheels & Weight)
  • TUESDAY, March 3 – Scout Truck Test Drives  (NOTE* Reminder to bring $10 fee for the vehicle rally)
  • SATURDAY, March 7 – Beaver Hills Vehicle Rally Event
  • Monday, March 9 –  Troop Talent Show
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